Our Partners


Avant BI is a Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform. The Avant BI solution achieves 100% customer touch; comprising of ‘personalised’ communication to all customers which will include providing secure access details to a content rich on-line education website. One of the key features of the educational website is a personalised report, the Customer Report, which contains messaging that is relevant to each individual recipient.



Mondelio is a wholly owned Australian company delivering Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions to global organisations. Established in 1982, Mondelio has many years experience in automating planning and reporting business processes through the application of innovative software. Our team is recognised as a leading performer in CPM and has won numerous awards for product innovation.





HealthCareLine™ is a consolidated software company that aligns itself with a number of different Management Systems. Our systems includes 6 modules:

1. Performance

2.   Rostering

3.  Financial

4.  Case Management

5,  Human Resources

6.  Asset Management

HCL is a cloud offering with the Human Services and Healthcare Sector with customers within the Non-Government and Government organisations.


Oracle hardware and software to work together in the cloud 



Helping people and business througout the world realize their full potential.  BIT Group is a registered Microsoft partner.


Dedication to every client’s success. 


Traxor is a global technology company and proven CRM software leader. Since its founding in 1999, Traxor provides B-2-B solutions for clients across the globe. 



Online Learning Management System for e-learning Courses and Online education applications.


Our solution offers Online learing solutions in real time 



AvePoint is a global technology company and proven software leader. Since its founding in 2001, AvePoint provides enterprise-class governance and infrastructure management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint. 



Connects Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office and Windows File Explorer with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 for improved information management



Dell are the world largers in Storage and solutions.  We are one of only 30 partners with our Business partners.


Sitecore is one of the world leading CMS.  There are hundres of thousands of website that use this digital media solutions.


Elcom is an Australian based global technology company elcomCMS is a powerful content management solution for mid-large enterprises. With over 100+ base features and modules, elcomCMS is the ideal CMS solution for websites, intranets, extranets, mobile sites, social, eCommerce, learning management sites and online marketing.


Ezescan is an Australian Based Scanning solution that optimises the way you store and manage documents